Footage from our March 29, 2018 Residents Association meeting which we opened to the community. Thank you to the Pink House for hosting! Thank you to all who are in solidarity.


The Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association fights for the rights of all poor and working people in our community and beyond. Currently, our community has 535 units of affordable housing, including 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units. Mid-City Financial, the developer that owns the property we have been living in for decades, has decided to attempt to push forward with a redevelopment plan that will eliminate all 5 and 4 bedroom units, a significant number of 3 bedroom units, and one that will reduce the overall availability of affordable units from 535 to 373, with 200 out of the 373 restricted to seniors only, 62 and older.

Since we were made aware of Mid-City's plans, we have been fighting to protect our community, while Mid-City has engaged in underhanded tactics to break up our families and displace us from the community. From the beginning, we have been fighting for three major demands:

  1. The Preservation of the 535 units of affordable housing that currently exist on site at the current bedroom sizes and current subsidy levels;
  2. The right of tenants to remain on the property during the process of redevelopment (redevelopment in phases to prevent any displacement) i.e.: build first;
  3. The right for tenants to access employment opportunities through the rebuilding of our own community, which we have a fundamental right to be a part of.

To date, our Ward 5 council member Kenyan McDuffie has stood on the side of the developer Mid-City, and throughout our campaign has refused to acknowledge or stand with the families of Brookland Manor that have been displaced and that are at risk of displacement by this plan that discriminates against families and working class people of color.

To learn more about the history of this campaign, check out the media section of our website, where you can see articles from the Washington Post, the Washington City Paper, Street Sense, and more.

feb 16.jpg

Pictured: Dorothy Davis, member of Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association,
and Ruth Barnwell, president of the Alabama Ave/13th Street Tenant Coalition.

The Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association stands in solidarity with the Alabama Ave/13th Street Tenant Coalition in Congress Heights, as they fight slumlords Sanford Capital and Geoff Griffis who are attempting to displace them in order to build luxury apartments. 


rally linda leaks.jpg

Pictured: Linda Leaks, long-time DC housing organizer and supporters from across the city standing with us at our rally outside of the DC zoning commission on February 23, 2017

The Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association thanks the public for its support and solidarity throughout our campaign.


4.24 zoning.JPG

Pictured: Neeka Sullivan, Minnie Elliott, and Serita El Amin at the DC Zoning Commission on April 24, 2017. The room was packed with our members and supporters fighting to protect homes and families at Brookland Manor.

The DC Zoning Commission has continued to support a redevelopment plan that fails to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community. We as the association representing the interests of our community, will continue to expose the unfair proceedings of the DC Zoning Commission, which puts profits over people. We have the right to seek to preserve affordable housing and family housing in our community, and we have a right to demand equitable, inclusive development that does not displace us.